Full Marriage Experience

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Every section of Before "I Do" raises questions and relationship issues readers may want to explre further.  Key topics are listed at the end of each section under the heading, "Go Deeper."   

An array of topic-related books, organizations, web sites, articles, and resources are listed to help readers in their quest to Go Deeper on a particular issue.  Resources will continually be updated and expanded, so check back often.

Section 1
: Laying the Foundation for a Lifelong Marriage

Section 2: Discover God's Gift to You - Your Mate

Section 3: Survive a Positive Identity Change

Section 4
: Fight With Your Mate & Please God Too

Section 5: Ensure the "I Do's" Last a Lifetime

Section 6: Walk on the Spiritual Side of Marriage

Section 7: Plan Your Future Together, Together

Section 8: Prepare the Marriage Bed for a Lifetime of Pleasure

*Resources listed in the Go Deeper section should not be construed as an endorsement by K. Jason Krafsky or Turn the Tide Resource Group. 

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