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"Every kind of brokenness can be found in Vegas … especially broken marriages. Our church is using Before 'I Do' and it has radically changed our premarital ministry. Our volunteer marriage investors have led over 60 couples through Before 'I Do' and the results are astounding!  In addition to giving these couples a kick start to a healthy, lifelong marriage, several new small groups have launched and dozens of the couples have joined our church.  If Before 'I Do' can work in Vegas, it will work in your community!"

Jody Hardenbrook, Pastor of Pastoral Care     
Canyon Ridge Christian Church
Las Vegas, Nevada

Before ‘I Do’ will give you the Scriptural insights, knowledge, and skills you need to make your marriage go the distance!  This book is a must read before you say, ‘I do!’”

David & Claudia Arp
Co-directors of Marriage Alive International
Authors of the 10 Great Dates Series including 10 Great Dates Before You Say “I Do”

Before ‘I Do’ is a marvelous way to prepare for the greatest journey in life – marriage.  In Before ‘I Do’, K. Jason Krafsky applies his wisdom and experience to helping couples set a clear destination, check and pack the essentials, leave unnecessary baggage behind, and, most importantly, make the clear decision if they really have the will to make the journey.  I highly recommend his thoughtful and thorough approach.”

Scott Stanley, Ph.D.
Author of The Heart of Commitment

“Marriages will be happier, relationships more sound, and problems more manageable for couples who go through the superb pre-marital coaching in K. Jason Krafsky’s Before ‘I Do’.”

Jeff Kemp
President of Families Northwest
Former NFL Quarterback

Before ‘I Do’ is an excellent resource to help couples build a strong foundation for a lifelong healthy and happy marriage.”

Aaron Larson
President of the National Healthy Marriage Institute
Author of Long Distance Couples

“Planning a wedding?  Now, plan for a marriage!  K. Jason Krafsky has put a valuable marriage tool right in your hands.  Don't just fall in love, get prepared for it!  Read Before ‘I Do.’

Ron L. Deal
President of Successful Stepfamilies
Author of The Smart Stepfamily

Before 'I Do' is the best faith-based premarital material between two covers.”

Jack & Paula Cosby
veteran marriage mentors

"A couple’s chance for a vital marriage is increased significantly if Before 'I Do' is included on the 'To-Do' list for the wedding.   Each couple who sees me for pre-marital counseling works throught the book before counseling is completed.  Couples have expressed how (Before 'I Do's) ideas are already helping them.  Jason Krafsky’s work is dramatically interactive, based in research and experience, and is user-friendly.  Equipped with concepts and tools for years of friendship, couples can successfully transition between honeymoon phases and marital challenges for a lifetime."

Rose Marie Wrung M.A., LMHC
professional counselor

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